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We would like to thank Baris Sumengen for his extremely important help with making Perl a very best and fast scripting language and for his valuable comments and new ideas.

A very special thanks to our previous web administrators Jelena Tesić (left) and Jiyun Byun (right). For a huge amount o work they applied to the web site and to dissemination of our work.

We would like to pay a special tribute to Jelena for creating and maintaining the initial version and structure of this web site.

Stock Photography Credits

The photographs used on this web-page are either from the vision lab or from stock.xchng, in particular we used photographs by:

Guiga Müller, Terry Eaton, Carole R, Luis Alves, Ewgenij Sorokin, Oliver Manowski, César Rodríguez, Karl Aoaune, Diane Miller, Tomasz Dobrowolski, Dirk Tacke, Michal Koralewski