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SpiritTagger: Large-Scale Image Annotation for Worldwide Photographs By Mining Flickr


SpiritTagger is an image annotation system built to explore knowledge extraction via mining of millions of photographs taken worldwide referenced with a geographical coordinate. We address research problems in fast retrieval of image data, location estimation, descriptor usage, annotation methods and automatic learning tag semantics.

SpiritTagger v.0.2

SpiritTagger Flow

SpiritTagger annotates or "tags" new images anywhere in the world throught inference from a database of 1.4 million images. A list of ranked tag suggestions is generated by considering visual similarity constrained by a geographic region. By representing the data efficiently using a quadtree, the suggestions are generated within a matter of seconds.

In this research we attempt to show how to employ visual descriptors in an intelligent fashion over a spatial database so as to generate more accurate automatic image annotations. We employ an unsupervised data-centric approach, rather than one relying on trained models, in order to take advantage of emergent web repositories.


Jim Kleban, Emily Moxley, Jiejun Xu and B.S.Manjunath


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Thanks to Dmitry Fedorov and Kris Kvilekval for their help and wide range of knowledge. Work supported by NSF IGERT.



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