Dmitry V. Fedorov, Leila M. G. Fonseca, Charles Kenney, B.S. Manjunath.

Demonstrate application of registration with fit assessment.

This demo use image registration software developed in our lab. You should select two images for upload and then press "Register Images". Registration is basically a process of matching two images with some area in common.

Brief technical description.

Parameters: It's possible to select registration quality, better quality - slower processing, actually registration quality represent number of control points would be selected. Equalization option enables equalization of the result mosaic image. Mosaicing may be done putting both images into different channels: first image into red and second one into green and blue. Use this option to verify registration result.

Output information: Output represent transformation parameters. There's two transformation models actually implemented in the system: RST(Rotation, Scale and Translation ) and Affine. Both transformation contain:
Scale: This parameter represent scale difference between two submitted images, usually close to 1.
Rotation: Represent rotation angle between images.
Translation: (DX, DY) represent x and y dislocation.

Select both images by clicking on “Browse...”

Select registration and mosaicing options .

Submit for registration by clicking "Register Images".

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