Kaushal Solanki
    Vision Research Laboratory
    Department of Electrical and computer Engineering
    University of California at Santa Barbara
    Email: solanki AT ece DOT ucsb DOT edu


    • Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering
      University of California at Santa Barbara
      Sept 2001 - Sept 2005.
    • Graduate Program in Management Practice
      University of California at Santa Barbara
      Sept 2001 - Sept 2005.
    • M.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering
      University of California at Santa Barbara
      Sept 2000 - Dec 2001.
    • Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) in Electronics Engineering
      Sardar Vallabbhai Regional College of Engg. and Tech., Surat, India
      Sept 1996 - July 2000.


    Communications and Signal Processing

    • Image Adaptive Data Hiding: Current doctoral research (Vision Research Lab). Various data hiding schemes are developed and implemented. 
    • Channel Equalization: Complexity Performance Tradeoffs: Discrete-time AWGN channel was simulated. Performance of infinite length LMMSE, finite length LMMSE, DFE and MLSE equalizers was studied and compared.
    • Web based Image Profiler: Extraction of image features, such as color and texture was done. Images were reconstructed from their features alone. A web based interface was developed to view these images and to demonstrate the validity of these features.
    • Speech Recognition: Senior year project. Team: 3 members, Term: 1 year. The group project involved study of speech recognition and its (partial) implementation.
    • Acquisition and Processing of audio and speech: Acquisition, processing, and playback of audio and/or speech signals in order to study the effect of sampling and processing. 
    • MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 standards: Seminar presentation. These MPEG standards were explained in terms of what they specify, and what current technology has achieved.


    • IRAM: Chips that Remember and Compute: Presented seminar on the future microprocessor architecture which incorporates processing elements in DRAM to reduce memory latency. (The concept of IRAM was proposed by Prof. David Patterson, UC Berkeley). Please see the IRAM site.
    • Love-to-Hate: Solved software problem based on AI presented at Tryst’99, IIT Delhi. The problem: Find the shortest path from one given word to another through meaningful words, every step involving single change.
    • Prepared and presented design software titled Electronic Circuit Design and Digital Circuit Design.


    • Research Staff Member, Mayachitra Inc. (Nov 2005 - present): Working on technologies pertaining to image/video analysis, and data mining for large multimedia repositories. Currently involved in development of robust tools for image/video registration, and content-based search and retrieval for geo-spatial and biological image databases.
    • Graduate Research Assistant (Jun 2001 - Sept 2005): Vision Research Laboratory, ECE Department, UCSB. Worked with Prof. Manjunath, Prof. Madhow, and Prof. Chandrasekaran on various aspects of multimedia data hiding, steganography, and digital watermarking technologies.
    • Teaching Assistant: Responsibilities include delivering lectures, designing and grading quizzes, conducting labs, and grading. Courses Handled:-
      • General Chemistry, (Fall 2000)
      • Circuits, Devices and Systems, (Winter 2001)
      • Probability and Statastics (Spring 2001)
      • Electromagnetic Field Theory (Fall 2001)
      • Random Processes in Engineering
      • Digital Image Processing
      • Linear Algebra

    Related Coursework:

    • Signal Processing
      • Advanced Digital Signal Processing
      • Signal Compression
      • Advanced Digital Image Processing
      • Stochastic Processes in Engineering
    • Communication
    • Computer Science
      • Internet Computing and WWW Technology
      • Data Structures and Algorithms
      • Computer Networks
    • Management
      • Management Communication
      • Marketing Management
      • Business Management and Policy
      • The Art of being CEO
      • Business Plans that get funded

    Computer and Language Skills:

    Programming and Scripting

    • C, C++,C#
    • HTML, Perl
    • MATLAB


    • Linux, Windows, UNIX.


    • English, Hindi, Gujarati, (a bit of) Sanskrit, and (a little bit of) Chinese .

    Honors and Awards:

    • Received IBM Student Paper Award of the IEEE ICIP 2004 for the paper titled "Estimating and Undoing Rotation for Print-Scan Resilient Data Hiding".
    • Received "Best final year project" award in senior year for the Speech Recognition project from S. V. Regional College of Engineering and Technology, Surat, India. I also got the highest marks (197/200) in the class for this project.
    • Awarded "REC-Surat Medal" for getting highest marks in the South Gujarat University in second year.
    • Awarded "Rajya Puraskar" from the State Government of Gujarat for commendable service to society as a Scout.

    Positions Held:

    • Served as Vice President of India Association of Santa Barbara (IASB) for the year 2002-03. Organized various India related cultural activities and social gatherings.
    • Served as coordinator of  MINDBEND 2000, a national level technical symposium organized by REC-Surat. Supervised and coordinated paper invitation and selection, publicity, and organization of the event.


    • Sports: Cricket, Kite-flying
    • Tabla (Classical drums from India)
    • Traveling and Photography