Advisor: B. S. Manjunath

Research Interests

Multimedia, multimedia information retrieval, computer vision, object detection, object tracking, video summarization, data mining, machine learning, multimodal fusion, image & signal processing and analysis.


I completed a B.S.E.E.(1998) and M.S.E.E.(2000) at Rutgers University in my home state of New Jersey. As a graduate assistant at Rutgers I worked on speech and microphone arrays in Jim Flanagan's lab. My master's thesis addressed the topic of how to incorporate face detection with speaker location estimates for automatic hands-free videoconferencing.

In 2000, I took a position at Intel in Chandler, Arizona, in a DSP apps and architecture group. My job entailed writing IPP libraries for the jointly developed Analog Devices/Intel Micro Signal Architecture chip. Machine level opcodes haunt me in my sleep.

I spent the years 2002 to 2004 in the wild on an around the world journey :>.

In Fall of '05, I reemerged at Santa Barbara, California, where I accepted a NSF fellowship in digital multimedia and began my Ph.D. studies.

In Fall 2007, I worked as an intern at Microsoft Research Asia in Beijing in Wei Ying Ma's Web Search and Mining group.

I passed my qualifier exam in July 2008. My thesis contributes methods for improving bag-of-local-feature methods for image retrieval, fast indexing, and georeferenced image annotation.

In Fall 2009, I was awarded a Young Innovator Scholarship by the Technology Management Program at UCSB.

I successfully defended my doctorate in May 2010 and currently work as a program manager at Microsoft.

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