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Research Staff Member, September 2005 - present

Mayachitra Inc., Santa Barbara, CA

  • As principal investigator (PI), lead several image and video analysis projects (SBIR/STTR, BAA grant, and subcontract).
  • On current DARPA video image retrieval and analysis tool project (VIRAT), designed and implemented large-scale video descriptor indexing database from ground-up. This is sole system chosen, by performance, from competing first phase approaches to carry forward into the second phase of the project.
  • Developed end-to-end image content-based search system including GUI, optimized search algorithms, large-scale storage, and database interface.
  • Project research focuses on machine vision, image processing, and high-dimensional indexing. Specific project goals include content-based search, object classification, activity recognition, and anomaly detection for image and video data collected from a variety of sources including surveillance cameras, satellites, and UAVs, and indexing for large databases of multimedia descriptors.

Graduate Student Researcher, June 2001 - August 2005

Vision Research Lab, University of of California, Santa Barbara, CA

Teaching Assistant, September 2001 - December 2001

Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of California, Santa Barbara, CA

  • Conducted laboratory and discussion classes in upper-division classes: Digital Signal Processing, Analog Communications, and Network Synthesis. Supervised and assisted students with labs and homework.

Hardware/Software Engineer, July 1998 - July 2000

Tiernan Communications, San Diego, CA.

  • Designed hardware and software for new MPEG-2 integrated receiver and decoder (IRD) cheaper and with more features then previous models.
  • Implemented hardware design for QPSK demodulator.
  • Maintained hardware and software for MPEG-2 encoders, modulators, demodulators and decoders. Projects involved verifying product requirements with marketing, writing high level design, designing the circuit board schematic, PCB layout, writing control rmware in C, designing FPGA logic, testing and debugging the IRD, and coordinating with production for quality testing.

Summer Intern, June 1997 - September 1997

TRW, Avionics Systems Division (bought by Northrop Grumman Corporation), San Diego, CA.

Developed schematic logic and timing models for electronic components in the TRW concurrent engineering library. These models were used for board-level functional simulation on various projects throughout TRW.


Ph.D., Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2005

Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, University of California, Santa Barbara, CA

Dissertation title: "Image Steganalysis: Hunting & Escaping", Dissertation topic is steganalysis, the detection of data hidden in images, a eld marrying elements of image analysis and communications.

M.S., Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2002

Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, University of California, Santa Barbara, CA

Focus on image and signal processing, and communications (emphasis on source and channel coding).

B.S, Electrical Engineering, Minor in Economics, 1998

Electrical Engineering Department, University of California, San Diego, CA

Coursework included general electrical engineering knowledge with a focus on signal processing, communications,and networks.

Selected publications