Current project @ Mayachitra

AVAMO: Automated Video Analysis for Military Operations

AVAMO is an advanced system for automated analysis of video data collected from a variety of platforms. Avamo is an end-to-end system, from extraction of relevant information from low-resolution full motion video, to visual search, abnormality detection, and activity recognition. The goal of the project is to automate analysis of video.

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Automated Aerial Image Detection and Classification

We have developed novel, advanced methods for localizing and classifying regions of interest within aerial images and video. This technology will greatly reduce the burden on image analysts in the military, intelligence communities, as well as commercial efforts that require automated image analysis.

Visual Content-based Search

Mayachitra has created state-of-the-art methods for content-based search of large scale image and video databases. Mayachitra has numerous proprietary methods and implementations for extracting compact feature vector representations from images and video, and comparing these representations effectively and quickly. Currently a low level visual descriptor is integrated into Mayachitra imago that leads to image content-based search.

Thesis related projects

Steganalysis: Detection of hidden data

The widespread use of steganography inevitably leads to a need to detect hidden data. Steganalysis is detecting and ultimately extracting data hidden in an innocuous medium. Our goal is to establish a solid framework for steganalysis, and design systems to detect state-of-the-art hiding systems. Additionally, we aim to use lessons learned in detecting to create hiding systems that can evade detection.

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