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Strangely enough, I don't like to take pictures. I prefer to collect memories of nice moments. However family and friends sometimes would like to see something more visual... so here we go!

Most of the pictures were not taken by be (probably all the good ones!): I gratefully acknowledge the authors for sharing them with me!


Good times with friends

featuring: my wonderful friends


Trip to Grand Canyon

featuring: Moises, Rogerio and me


Surfing Primer

featuring: Dmitry and me



featuring: mother Nature


Venice beach, Hollywood and Malibu'

featuring: The Zulianis


San Francisco

featuring: Elisa, Mark, Rimma and The Zulianis


Rio De Janeiro

featuring: Luca and Me. Obrigado.


Christmas 2007

featuring: the family. Special thanks to my cousin Fabio for the pictures and to uncle Renzo for the wine.


Some Mosaics

featuring: my algorithms